Makeshift Rolls into the South


Fried Chicken, Twinkies, and the mighty grease god, The Waffle House – Makeshift's Jessica is getting ready to bow down to these staples of Southern U.S. pride. Both Jessica and Makeshift's Steven Lyons will be overseas for the next few weeks, so we apolgise if there is a lull in information - but the rest of the Makeshift crew will continue to update you on the goings-on and exciting happenings around Auckland and abroad.

Here Jessica gives us a brief intro to the tour diary she'll be keeping as she sifts through some wholesome Americana:

I'm heading up and over to the good 'ol South of America tomorrow, and in preparation, I'm trying to brush up on my knowledge of Southern food and hospitality – because let's face it, there's not much more that the South offers. Well, wait, there is the giant chicken. He's a 56-foot sheet metal behemoth paying homage to fried chicken in Marietta, GA, which just so happens to be my birthplace. I still carry remnants of my Southern past, thankfully not found in my appetite, but rather in my ridiculously hospitable and overly obliging nature. I'll be road tripping from Florida to North Carolina in the next few weeks, and I can't pass up this opportunity to showcase some of my misadventures on the Makeshift blog. I'll be bringing along my Holga and an open mind looking out for any interesting art, food, architecture, etc. along the way. So, blast some Big and Rich and reach deep into a bucket of KFC because the next few weeks will be full of rousing (and possibly arousing?) down-home country fun.

You can email me at if you've got any cool places to visit in the South or any stories about your crazy Southern U.S.A times.

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Asheville, North Carolina.

Asheville, North Carolina.

North Carolina is a much better place to spend your time. The beaches here are beautiful, the people here are interesting and the weather is typically pleasant. Asheville is an interesting little hippie-type college town with a gorgeous landscape surrounding it and it’s the city that I love most in the state but don’t hesitate to drive closer to the water to enjoy the cities along the coast as well

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